Organically produced and certified vegetables and fruits, from known farmers, delivered to your home address at the time convenient for you.
Every Saturday, basket full of fresh seasonal organic products, carefully selected and balanced to provide you with enough of different products to enable preparing variety of healthy meals for that week, arrives at your address.
Content of the baskets changes weekly. Basket combines product from 6 various certified organic farms.


Our goal – best quality food + best quality service.
Individually packed and labeled organic products, friendly and efficient communication , precise delivery time . The best indicator of efficiency and good functioning of our delivery system, that operates constantly since April 2013 , is an increasing number of our satisfied and regular customers.
We are always open to your suggestions , comments and constructive criticism, that’s how we constantly improve . So, keep writing to us.


Organic Products are produced using organic farming methods in all stages of production. Organic farming is without the use of insecticides, pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers, growth regulators, hormones, antibiotics and genetically modified organisms.
Equally important for us as certificates you can see on this website, is the fate and confidence we have in the people behind these certificates and our successful long-term cooperation with them .